AHEE's Magic Rave Stabs

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Requires Ableton 11.2.7 or greater to run.


Open the Ableton project and click the save icon on the AHEE's Magic Rave Stabs in the top right of the rack. You must do this before you can bring it into your other projects whenever you'd like.


1 Ableton Instrument with 2x samplers with over 112 Classic Samples

16 Dark Rave

16 Organ

16 Piano

16 EDM

16 Disco

16 Percussion

16 Horns

+ 12 Delay & 12 Reverb Racks designed for Rave Stabs

+ 4 Advanced Compression/Saturation racks

all bundled into 1 Ableton Instrument

Also contains 60 Macro Presets dialed to give you that Classic but Modern Rave Sound instantly!!

Check out the preview near 11:30 in this video: https://youtu.be/CmTVmsbO3qA

AHEE’s Rave Stab Rack has a value of $120. It’s freakin’ great, but I asked around, and friends said I should keep it under a hundred so I’ll sell it to y’all for $90.

But if you wanna pay the $120 value, then I’ll throw in this sick pack of 75 Rave Melody/Rhythm Midi Loops that were designed to fit with AHEE’s Rave Stab Rack (check out the video, they are sick.) Also I’ll give you a Rave inspired Sample Pack with 200 samples of Basses, Breaks, Drums, Vocals, FX & Stab Loops & One Shots.

Either way is good with me.

I hope you love this instrument and find creative inspiration using it!




AHEE's Raver's Edge Sample Pack includes:

30 Bass

7 Melodic

22 FX

45 Breaks

11 Kicks

13 Snares

4 Claps

8 Hi Hats

3 Stomps

10 Vocals

28 Stab One Shots

19 Stab Loops

I want this!

2x Samplers w/ 112 Classic Rave Samples + Delay/Reverb/Compression Racks all built into 1 Ableton Instrument w/ 60 Macro Presets dialed to give you that classic but modern rave sound instantly!

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AHEE's Magic Rave Stabs

2 ratings
I want this!